To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its iconic Moorea collection, Pequignet is relaunching six historical models under the name Moorea Vintage collection. It was in the 2000s thatPequignet drew inspiration from models, each in its own way, illustrating how the Moorea has traversed generations without losing its modernity and elegance.

Moorea would be declined in a thousand ways, so that everyone can find their own. The mesh of the bracelet, a true signature of the collection, does not change, but there are square, rectangular, extra-flat or on the contrary very muscular with a deliberately impressive design.

The decade ended with the Moorea Royale Triomphe, powered by the Calibre Royal®, which had just been developed within the Manufacture, a major milestone in the recent history of French watchmaking.

Each model in the Moorea Vintage collection is reissued in limited quantities (ranging from 3 to 20 pieces depending on the model), manufactured and assembled upon order, and comes with a 3 to 5-year warranty.

The Moorea Royale Triomphe (2011)

The Moorea Quartz Triomphe (2009)

The Moorea Chrono Quartz (2009)

The Moorea Lady Quartz Baguette (2006)

Moorea Lady Quartz Vintage (2005)

Moorea Lady Quartz Vintage (2005)

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