A unique French Haute Horlogerie manufacturer, Pequignet has been designing and making watches for free-minded and independent spirits for 50 years. It embodies a French vision of time, the one we dare to offer or the one we free ourselves from. Every Pequignet watch harbours the watchmaking heritage of an independent and inventive Manufacture dedicated to rekindling the flame of French fine watchmaking.

Time to design watches and assemble them by hand, in its Jura workshops

Based in Morteau, Pequignet represents excellence and watchmaking expertise. Guided by the harmony of silence and a love for technique, our ingeneers design and create movements and exceptional watches, that are assembling and making reliable by our watchmakers.
Since 2011, three watch movements have been created within the Manufacture Pequignet, one of the only French Manufactures de Haute Horlogerie.

The Calibre Royal®

Until its creation in 2011, mechanical movements were no longer made in France. With the Calibre Royal®, the Manufacture Pequignet ushers in the renewal of French-made watchmaking excellence. With its 318 components, it is the first French-made mechanism to integrate its watchmaking complications on the same plate. Its design required 279 industrial plans and 150 tools resulting in the filing of 8 international patents. A delight to contemplate, efficient and accurate; it is a critically acclaimed movement.
With a diameter of 31mm and a total thickness of 5.8mm, the Calibre Royal® has a single large barrel that offers an 88-hour power reserve indicated at 8 o’clock.It is also equipped with a new bidirectional winding system on the oscillating weight and a large, high-inertia diamond balance oscillating at a frequency of 3Hz. These characteristics ensure outstanding reliability and accuracy. Its double large date and day aperture with instant jump on the same axis allows adjustments to be made at any time without risk of damaging the mechanism, due to the absence of a red zone.

The Manual Calibre Royal®

Derived from the Calibre Royal®, a second version was born: the Manual Calibre Royal®. With its manual winding and its hundred hours of power reserve, it is fitted on one of the iconic Pequignet models: the manual version of the Royale Origine. Displaying a small second at 6 o'clock, following watchmaking tradition, the Calibre Royal Manuel® has a diameter of 31 mm for a total thickness of 5.43 mm. Its balance gives the time at a frequency of 3Hz.

The Calibre Initial®

The Calibre Initial® was designed to enhance Pequignet’s Attitude collection. With two international patents, one for its semi-instant date jump system, this new movement is entirely made up of components produced within a radius of 80 km around Morteau; 72% are made in France, the remainder coming from another country well known to watchmakers, Switzerland. With a diameter of 28.2 mm for a total thickness of 4.2 mm, the Calibre Initial® displays a large central second hand and has a 65-hour power reserve. The unprecedented toothed shape of its winding gear makes it possible to improve its efficiency and limit the wear of its components. Its new patented date drive system allows the smooth passage of the date disc and allows setting of the date regardless of the position of the hands.

Time to check the smallest details, ensure quality but also durability

No timepiece leaves the workshop without having passed through the expert hands of a watchmaker who will have checked its assembly and finishes, often assisted by the best metrology tools. A Pequignet watch survives the whims of fashion. It is timeless. Each timepiece is designed to withstand the aggressions of time: sapphire crystal, watchmaking-grade gold and steel, screwed caseback; each component, if not completely unalterable, can always be repaired or replaced.

Time to attract the best watchmaking talents

Offering with the best watchmaking training in the world, France has kept its watchmaking soul intact. The Jura area has the largest pool of watchmakers specializing in mechanical watches. Pequignet's unique entrepreneurial adventure, its reputation, its team of experts on a human scale, the high standards and excellence of its products, are all assets that enable Pequignet to attract the best talents. Working for French Haute Horlogerie is, for Pequignet watchmakers, more than a job, it is a passion.

Time to choose local suppliers

Aware of its environmental and social responsibilities, Pequignet does everything possible to source as locally as possible. This is why all the components of its three Manufacture movements are sourced less than 80km from Morteau. By 2024, more than 75% of the components of the Calibre Royal® will be French, as is already the case for 72% of the components of the Calibre Initial®. Where no French alternative exists, most parts will be made in Switzerland. The straps of the leather watches and those of the Mooréa collection are all made in France, while a majority of the elements and materials used in the production of Pequignet’s watches come from Europe.

Time to build your heritage

All models and components are referenced and archived. Thanks to this, the maintenance and repair of each watch is now possible. Pequignet timepieces are passed down from one generation to the next and through the ages. For Pequignet, time is an asset. It confidently imagines emblems of distinction with a contemporary look that allow us to enjoy the moment.

Discover the watch making excellence of the House of Pequignet: luxury watches, made in France. Elegant design, high precision and the skill of craftsmen.