Pequignet watches

Understated or idiosyncratic, inconspicuous or coloured, classic or sporting, but always refined, Pequignet watches adorn both men's and ladies' wrists, to give unique style

Noveltie: Royale Tourbillon

PEQUIGNET unveils, at a preview showing during Watches and Wonders 2024, its first flying tourbillon, a true extraordinary horological feat. This model is equipped with the fourth PEQUIGNET «in-house» movement. Based on the prestigious Calibre Royal®’s construction, the name Calibre Royal® Tourbillon logically appeared. Traditionally placed at 6 o’clock, the flying tourbillon is special as it is mounted without any upper bridge, giving the impression of wearing a weightless tourbillon cage on the wrist, visually unobstructed. For this horological marvel, this 1-minute tourbillon (rotating in sixty seconds) features a concentric balance wheel in the cage. The cage itself is made of titanium, a particularly delicate metal to machine, especially for such a small component. Another technical and aesthetic achievement, this flying tourbillon is visible not only on the dial side but also on the bridge side!

Designed for enthusiasts of French high watchmaking, it will be manufactured in a limited series of 24 pieces.

House of Pequignet movements

Based in Morteau, Pequignet symbolises excellence and watch making expertise. Guided by the harmony of silence and a love for technique, our ingeneers design and create movements and exceptional watches, that are assembling and making reliable by our watchmakers. Since 2011 three watch movements have been created at the Manufacture Pequignet, one of the only makers of French Haute Horlogerie.