The Royale Saphir, an icon of Pequignet Haute Horlogerie

Launched in 2019, the Royale Saphir collection has been designed to enhance the Calibre Royal®, which is revealed through a translucent sapphire dial, and reveals the three counters of the legendary triple jump date. The only Haute Horlogerie movement designed and manufactured in France, this calibre makes Pequignet the only French Haute Horlogerie Manufacture.

This iconic piece, previously only available in blue, is now available in new colours to suit everyone's different tastes and styles. All models in the Royale Saphir collection are equipped with the Calibre Royal®.

The Calibre Royal®, sophisticated, just like you

This exceptional movement, designed in 2011, is the first French-made mechanism to integrate its watchmaking complications into the same mainplate. Delight of the gaze, performance and precision, make it a movement acclaimed by critics. "Jardin à la Française" is the name given by Japanese watchmakers to the symmetry of its complications and the central alignment of its main organs. With its 88-hour power reserve, the Calibre Royal® has enabled Pequignet to make the large power reserve a standard in Haute Horlogerie.

The Royal Saphir watch is adorned with the distinctive attributes of the Calibre Royal®: a large barrel, a double large date and day window with an instantaneous jump, a crown winding system, a day/night indicator, a moon phase and a UTC dual time zone.

"SHADOWS AND LIGHTS", the collection inspired by the phenomena of the sun

With this collection full of contrasts, Pequignet has chosen to play on the purity of white, shades of grey and the timeless chic of black.

It draws its inspiration from the phenomena of light and shadow caused by the sun.

It is available in 5 models: Aurora White, Eclipse White, Shadow Grey, Parélie Black, Midnight Black.

VIBRANT SHADES WITH THE "Time of Colours" - limited edition

The Royal Saphir "Time of Colours" collection is inspired by the fabulous color palette of precious stones, echoing the sapphire dial of this unique model. Produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces (all models combined), the collection includes 5 models: Amber Yellow, Ruby Red, Jade Green, Topaz Blue and Lapis Lazuli Blue.

This wonderfully tinted collection is a true technical feat. The colour is integrated in different shades into all the components of the watch: strap, dial, case, hands, date and moon discs, for an elegant and sophisticated "color blocking" effect.

This collection is available individually or in a single box of two, three or five watches.

Pequignet is the quest for perfection and watchmaking expertise

For five decades, the company has mastered and enhanced the craftsmanship of its timepieces, without compromising on the beauty and uniqueness of its creations.
Guided by the harmony of silence and light, the skilful fingers of its artisan watchmakers design, create, make reliable and assemble exceptional watches. Beyond its know-how, Pequignet embodies what Haute Horlogerie should be with a French spirit.