Created in 1984 by Émile Péquignet, Moorea, with its unique style, has brilliantly crossed time to become the Maison's iconic collection. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, this timeless watch is reinvented through a redesigned and revisited collection, equipped for the first time by the Calibre Initial®, the third movement designed and developed by the Manufacture. True to its
fundamentals, the new Moorea pays homage to this heritage while adopting a design of a great modernity.

With its innovative design, the Moorea bracelet is the signature of this collection. As a technical marvel, it consists of links connected by small oblong interlinks. This elegantly crafted bracelet is also remarkably  comfortable. Originally offered in three rows and later in one or two rows, it gave its name to the now famous « maille Moorea,» which has become a strong symbol of Maison Pequignet over the years.

By breaking conventions and daring the unexpected union of gold and steel, Moorea is the perfect embodiment of the free and inspired style of Pequignet.


Completely redesigned, this new collection unveils seven references, including four models
measuring 25 mm with a two-row bracelet and three models of 38.5 mm with a three-row

The Maison also wished to return to the origins of Moorea by faithfully preserving the strong codes that have made this collection successful. The iconic bracelet and the subtlecombination of gold and steel are, of course, preserved. These two style elements still stand out on this new version. Indeed, Moorea 2024 evolves with subtlety.

The 2024 collection aims for a more graphic design. The angles feature more pronounced edges, and the link’s proportion are very slightly readjusted. It is now presented with a delicately chamfered definition. The distribution of brushed and polished surfaces is finely revisited to better play with light. One of the most significant changes is linked to the bezel, becoming almost horizontal, and refined because of the Roman numeral indices’ removal. The lugs regain their iconic «ears,» and the date display returns to 6 o’clock, its elegant original position. Ultimately, the new Moorea gains greater strength and sobriety.


Regarding the movement, Moorea 2024 plays the variety card. This year, for the first time, the range welcomes a unique horological version equipped with the in-house Calibre Initial®. It is the third movement designed by the Manufacture and developed and assembled in Morteau.

The Calibre Initial® perfectly reflects Pequignet

’s innovation capacity. This prestigious bidirectional winding movement offers a «weekend-proof» power reserve of 65 hours. It features a date window with semi-instantaneous display driven by a patented complication integrated into the Calibre Initial®. It meets the durability requirement set by the Maison.This «manufactured» version of Moorea is absolutely unprecedented, perfectly illustrating the «artist-engineer» expertise of Pequignet.

Moorea is also available in a quartz version for its smaller models.


For the past fifty years, the firm has mastered and enhanced the skilled manufacture of its timepieces, without compromising on the beauty and the singularity of its creations.
Guided by the harmony of silence and a love for technique, our ingeneers design and create movements and exceptional watches, that are assembling and making reliable by our watchmakers. Apart from its know-how the House of Pequignet embodies the essence of Haute Horlogerie in the French manner.